Players Club Concierge

Members of the Golf Players Club can rely on their Players Club Concierge to help extend their first-class golf experience: both on and off the green.  This benefit, available exclusively to members of the Golf Players Club, provides a trusted advisor who is available 24/7 to assist club members who need help attending to the details that go along with living the ultimate golf and travel lifestyle.

Your Players Club Concierge can help you with just about anything. Here are some ways the Players Club Concierge can assist:

  • Travel Planning: Already booked your golf getaway through the club?  Let the Players Club Concierge help with recommendations for where to go and what to do near the best destinations for serious golfers.
  • Dining: Dining reservations and access via the exclusive Players Club Concierge Preferred Restaurant Program, a network of recommended restaurants where we have a great relationship with the restaurant’s management.  Every restaurant in this exclusive collection has vowed to provide our members with a VIP experience during their visit.
  • Golf Hospitality: Access to VIP passes and hospitality at the 4 “majors” plus Ryder and Presidential Cups.
  • Tickets: Access to hard-to-get tickets to events all around the world. You can browse and purchase from their inventory online or simply email the Players Club Concierge for more information.
  • Gifts: Help sourcing and purchasing the best gifts for the golf enthusiast, including the newest and difficult-to-find clubs and other accessories.
  • And more!

Your Players Club Concierge can help you live the ultimate golf and travel lifestyle, both on and off the green.

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